The Wisconsin Republican Party sent me this email offering those interested in running for office assistance gathering signatures. I personally will be circulating nomination papers as a Trump Conservative, if the Republican Party would like me to be one of their candidates in the primary they can circulate the alternate set of nomination papers listing me as a Republican. I will make my decision as soon as one set of nomination papers reaches the threshold of over 200 signatures required to appear on the ballot.



The best thing you can do is to be informed when making your ballot decision, before casting your vote use this website for information on local races:
In light of current events you may prefer to vote from home using an absentee ballot which you can do by following this link:

Groundhog Election Day

Three similar special elections, each with four candidates, and one clear front runner given first place on the ballot. In each instance the well funded candidate with ties to the party establishment, in some cases having appeared on cable networks like CNN and Fox News, is supposedly selected by random to have his or her name appear first on the ballot. At the time the selection is made there is little doubt that the party bosses have already chosen their nominee, going so far as to advise others to drop out. The advantage doesn’t guarantee victory, but none take third or fourth place, and a $100,000 campaign contribution the day before the election certainly makes clear where the party stands. Is this the plot to a conspiracy novel? No, just coincidences that have taken place in Wisconsin’s 99th, 58th and 42nd Assembly districts.

How to un-rig elections:

Express voting machines should be randomized to give each candidate equal opportunity at first ballot placement .

In the past 10 elections that I have been on the ballot as a candidate here in Wisconsin my name has not appeared first.  In the last 10 years I have been on the ballot 8 times in elections where ballot placement was determined solely by the Wisconsin Elections Commission or its predecessor the Government Accountability Board and my name has not appeared first. 

Ballot placement often gives an unfair advantage to whomever is placed first on the ballot, as much as 20 percentage points as this article explains. It would be easy to print paper ballots in a manner that gives all candidates equal opportunity to be first.

With new touch-screen technology such as express voting machines this could also be remedied by randomizing the ballot placement for each individual voter giving each candidate equal opportunity to appear first on the ballot. Here is an overview of the new ExpressVote system being utilized here in Wisconsin.

It is my hope the Elections Commission consider taking action on behalf of anyone who runs for office in Wisconsin and the voters who support those candidates to give them a fair playing field.


It’s time for a new Wisconsin Secretary of State

I believe in Term Limits, they are my #1 priority and have fought for them in previous campaigns. All public officials should serve no longer than 2 terms or 8 years, a precedent intentionally set by our 1st President George Washington after we gained independence in the American Revolution from a King who ruled for life.   Doug La Follette was first elected Wisconsin Secretary of State in the year 1974, back when Richard Nixon was President of the United States.

President when La Follette began running for S.O.S.

During La Follette’s tenure the duties of his office have been delegated to different departments and at present his simple job description reads “to keep the Great Seal of the State of Wisconsin and affix it to all official acts of the governor.”

Why has this happened?

Our founding fathers did not intend for the leaders of our country to remain in elected office for lengthy periods of time. America’s first governing document, The Articles of Confederation, contained a provision for mandatory rotation of delegates, in other words term limits.

Thomas Jefferson once said “by throwing the rascals out from time to time they will remind government that it exists to serve us- not the other way around.”

Decades of complacency has left Wisconsin with an office of Secretary of State desperately  in need of reform.

Recently budget and staff cuts have made it possible to move the Secretary of States office from a 4000 sq ft 10th floor operation into what he calls a “cubby hole” consisting of 300 sq ft in the Capitol basement.

Over the years La Follette’s office has become irrelevant, and many have called for it’s abolition.  My vision of reform brings with it new jobs and opportunity, I want to restore function to the office of Secretary of State by making it Wisconsin’s Chief Protocol Officer for international relations and to serve as a goodwill ambassador promoting commerce, educational studies and cultural exchanges between Wisconsin, other States, and the World.


#1 TERM LIMITS: I support a Term Limits Constitutional Amendment, 2 terms for Senators and 8 years for Congressmen.


Sign The Congressional Term Limits Petition Today!

#2 THE ECONOMY: We need to renegotiate or leave NAFTA, stop TPP and bring jobs back to America. Donald Trump has said he would impose a 35% tariff on cars made in China and Mexico to prevent companies from moving manufacturing out of the US. I’m confident there would have been an opportunity to reopen the Janesville GM plant with such a tariff and would sponsor an act to implement increased tariffs on Chinese and Mexican imports.

#3 SECURE AMERICAS BORDERS: I want to preserve the English language by requiring new American citizens to speak English and provide them the resources necessary to learn our nation’s language. The United States needs to halt illegal immigration and secure our state by building a wall along our southern border and permanently deporting illegal aliens.

#4 JUSTICE FOR 9/11: Justice must be served against all who aided the 9/11 terrorists and for this reason I am calling for a new investigation based on the recently declassified 28 pages documenting specific indications of foreign governments support of the 9/11 hijackers and a U.S. District Court Ruling that Iran directly supported al Qaeda in the 9/11 attacks. This investigation should include Russia which according to a report by the Nuclear Threat Initiative on 9/11 was conducting the largest exercise of their Strategic Nuclear Forces since the Cold War and according to the Washington times diverted NORAD fighters to Alaska and Canada.

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