It’s time for a new Wisconsin Secretary of State

I believe in Term Limits, they are my #1 priority and have fought for them in previous campaigns. All public officials should serve no longer than 2 terms or 8 years, a precedent intentionally set by our 1st President George Washington after we gained independence in the American Revolution from a King who ruled for life.   Doug La Follette was first elected Wisconsin Secretary of State in the year 1974, back when Richard Nixon was President of the United States.

President when La Follette began running for S.O.S.

During La Follette’s tenure the duties of his office have been delegated to different departments and at present his simple job description reads “to keep the Great Seal of the State of Wisconsin and affix it to all official acts of the governor.”

Why has this happened?

Our founding fathers did not intend for the leaders of our country to remain in elected office for lengthy periods of time. America’s first governing document, The Articles of Confederation, contained a provision for mandatory rotation of delegates, in other words term limits.

Thomas Jefferson once said “by throwing the rascals out from time to time they will remind government that it exists to serve us- not the other way around.”

Decades of complacency has left Wisconsin with an office of Secretary of State desperately  in need of reform.

Recently budget and staff cuts have made it possible to move the Secretary of States office from a 4000 sq ft 10th floor operation into what he calls a “cubby hole” consisting of 300 sq ft in the Capitol basement.

Over the years La Follette’s office has become irrelevant, and many have called for it’s abolition.  My vision of reform brings with it new jobs and opportunity, I want to restore function to the office of Secretary of State by making it Wisconsin’s Chief Protocol Officer for international relations and to serve as a goodwill ambassador promoting commerce, educational studies and cultural exchanges between Wisconsin, other States, and the World.


“We need to reject the failed sanctuary city policies that are contributing to the problem of crime in Chicago. We need to make sure we don’t have sanctuary cities here in Wisconsin.” -Spencer Zimmerman, Wisconsin 58th Assembly Candidate


Wisconsin drivers have paid millions in tolls to build Illinois roads, now it’s time to make Illinois pay.  All traffic with out of state plates crossing Wisconsin’s southern border from the Mississippi to Lake Michigan should pay a $3 toll. A system similar to the I-pass can be established for regular commuters.  As vehicles travel through the Wisconsin border toll plaza, a radio antenna sends a signal to a WI-PASS transponder that triggers the deduction of a toll from the commuters account. Vehicles with WI license plates will be exempt from the toll. It’s time to make Illinois drivers help pay for our roads.

Trump Chicago’s problems:

Build the World’s Tallest Skyscraper

5,280 feet tall, 528 stories, 76 nuclear-powered elevators traveling at 60MPH, 18 million square feet, home to 100K people, 15K cars and 150 helicopters. When Americas greatest architect Frank Lloyd Wright unveiled his 22-foot tall sketch of the Mile-High Illinois he said “In it, will be consolidated all government offices now scattered around Chicago.” Nearly 60 years later Chicago government is in disarray and its greatest problem is the same as Wright saw it, “The whole city is in agony.”

Chicago is the birthplace of the skyscraper, after the Great Fire of 1871 swept through the city destroying more than three square miles of mostly wooden structures, the world’s first steel frame skyscraper went up in 1885. A whole new school of architecture was born in Chicago, the most famous student of which would be Wright. Within less than 100 years a city that had nearly burned to the ground would be replaced with one of the worlds most recognizable skylines, highlighted with such signature landmarks as the John Hancock and Sears Towers.

Then came the slow decline, failed liberal politics have turned the city into what residents are now calling the war zone of Chiraq. 
The murder rate is higher and more people have left Chicago than any other metropolitan area in the United States, and now neighboring states are also feeling the impact. The situation has led President Trump to threaten to send in the feds. While outside intervention is necessary, to truly restore Chicago to the right path something more is required, another revolutionary architectural achievement. “If we’re going to have centralization, why not quit fooling around and have it,” Wright said in 1956 when he unveiled his plans to consolidate Chicago government in a Mile-High skyscraper.

Jeddah Mile-High Tower under construction since 2013 by the Saudi BinLaden Group

America should not easily hand over the mantle of worlds tallest structure, or greatest anything, yet it has. The Sears Tower held the tallest title for nearly 25 years until being surpassed in 1998, it is now ranked 16th. Currently the world’s tallest structure is in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai’s Khalifa Tower. Today 5 of the top 10 tallest buildings are now in China, while Saudi Arabia is now on track to build a Mile-High skyscraper, and a Tokyo construction company that recently completed Japan’s tallest building has plans to build a space elevator. America was first to the moon but is at risk of losing the skyscraper space elevator race. President Kennedy said, “We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.” Now we have a President known for building great things and America needs a goal like the one set by Kennedy in 1962. Build the space elevator and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Mile-High Illinois skyscraper in Chicago.

Sending in the feds, restoring law and order and shutting down the democrat political machine that has failed the people of the windy city for so long is necessary. It’s also time for a project that will Make Chicago Great Again.

President Trump It’s Time To Send In The Feds & Liberate Chiraq


#1 TERM LIMITS: I support a Term Limits Constitutional Amendment, 2 terms for Senators and 8 years for Congressmen.


Sign The Congressional Term Limits Petition Today!

#2 THE ECONOMY: We need to renegotiate or leave NAFTA, stop TPP and bring jobs back to America. Donald Trump has said he would impose a 35% tariff on cars made in China and Mexico to prevent companies from moving manufacturing out of the US. I’m confident there would have been an opportunity to reopen the Janesville GM plant with such a tariff and would sponsor an act to implement increased tariffs on Chinese and Mexican imports.

#3 SECURE AMERICAS BORDERS: I want to preserve the English language by requiring new American citizens to speak English and provide them the resources necessary to learn our nation’s language. The United States needs to halt illegal immigration and secure our state by building a wall along our southern border and permanently deporting illegal aliens.

#4 JUSTICE FOR 9/11: Justice must be served against all who aided the 9/11 terrorists and for this reason I am calling for a new investigation based on the recently declassified 28 pages documenting specific indications of foreign governments support of the 9/11 hijackers and a U.S. District Court Ruling that Iran directly supported al Qaeda in the 9/11 attacks. This investigation should include Russia which according to a report by the Nuclear Threat Initiative on 9/11 was conducting the largest exercise of their Strategic Nuclear Forces since the Cold War and according to the Washington times diverted NORAD fighters to Alaska and Canada.

Watch Spencer Zimmerman on Wisconsin Public Television

Construction firm linked to Osama Bin Laden building world’s tallest skyscraper

Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia, under construction since 2013, may soon become the tallest building in the world. If completed in 2019 it will be one-kilometer high, a world record, and the contractor behind the project is Saudi BinLaden Group.  Yes, the same family responsible for the 9/11 attacks is now constructing the closest thing to the Tower of Babel in modern times, initially planned to reach one-mile.

Jeddah Mile-High Tower under construction in Saudi Arabia

The company was founded by Mohammed Bin Laden, father of dead al-Qaeda terrorist organization leader Osama Bin Laden, and the family conglomerate is reported to have a net worth of $7 billion.

But what is truly appalling is that there is real evidence linking the construction firm itself to the terrorist attacks that destroyed the Twin Towers. According to an article published on less than 2 months after the September 11th attacks the firms official domain was registered on Sept. 11, 2000, with a pre-set expiration date of Sept. 11, 2001, a possible signal to the terrorists to carryout the attack. This is no coincidence, from the recently declassified 28 pages we know Saudi Arabia financed the hijackers while in the United States. It’s time to use the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) to file a lawsuit against the Saudi BinLaden Group and put them out of business and make sure their tower is never completed.

Internet domain registration reveals advance knowledge of 9/11 attacks by construction firm Saudi BinLaden Group

Osama Family’s Suspicious Site
By Howard Altman

For the price of registering a domain name, a 30-year-old Web designer from Los Angeles has bought a bizarre piece of Internet history.

On Oct. 27, Christopher Curry’s company,, purchased a domain name that once belonged to the Saudi Binladin Group, the international construction conglomerate owned by the family of public enemy No. 1, Osama bin Laden.

What makes so interesting is not just that it was once an official SBG website, but that it was registered on Sept. 11, 2000, with a pre-set

This article appeared online at less than two months after 9/11 and adds additional context to the terrorist attacks. If it were not for its preservation in an internet archive this information would not be easily accessible to the public.

expiration date of Sept. 11, 2001, according to a “whois” search of the Internet domain registry VeriSign.

Efforts to reach SBG officials, through more than a half dozen phone calls and two e-mails to the firm’s headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, were unsuccessful.

Having the SBG domain registration expire on the day the United States was attacked is “a hell of a coincidence,” said Charles Boncelet, a University of Delaware computer and information sciences professor, who is an expert on the field of steganography — the science of hiding information.

Law enforcement is already looking into whether the Sept. 11 attackers used seemingly innocuous websites or e-mails to transmit attack information using data embedded in audio or video files. The FBI will not comment about the SBG website expiration date being used as a signal to attackers — a signal that would mean the bin Laden family’s public disavowal of their notorious 17th son, Osama, was merely a public relations ploy.

Regardless of whether the FBI is investigating the site, Curry purchased it and three other SBG domains.

At first, Curry — who recently entered the field of domain speculating — purchased the SBG domains thinking that he could sell them, at a handsome profit, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Red Cross disaster relief fund.

But Curry has decided that the domain name should not just be a portal to an empty site awaiting a quick sale. The site has received so many hits, as many as 13,000 per day, many from the Arab world, that Curry says he is going to turn the site into a full-fledged font of bin Laden info.

“I am going to use the site as an informational site about the bin Laden family,” Curry said. “My friends are writing stories about the family history and we are going to have a feature called Binlinks, which are links to other sources of information about the family on the Web.”

Click on the site now, and you will see a picture of Osama’s head next to “bin Laden: From palace prince to cave dweller. Information about the world’s most hated man.”

There is also an ad for, a charity.

Curry said that in addition to serious information about the family and the terrorist, the site will “be a fun site, very interactive and a bit campy. There will be some animations, short little cartoon films.”

The site will be fully operational by Nov. 15, he said., which has produced websites for “everything from the adult industry to corporate work” has never attempted anything like this before, Curry said.

“I never realized how much time this would take,” he said. “Of course, with the downfall of the IT industry, we have lots of time on our hands.”

When he first put the site on line, Curry said he received hate mail from people wondering whether he was a terrorist and people upset that he would try to capitalize on the tragedy. While he hasn’t heard from any law enforcement types or SBG representatives, Curry has discovered one drawback to operating

“I have gotten a lot of Arabic spam,” he says. “Investment opportunities, you-can-make-money-now deals, those sorts of things.”

The following is an article published on the morning of 9/11

Russian warplanes harass U.S. craft over Pacific
By Bill Gertz

Russian warplanes threatened patrolling U.S. Navy P-3 aircraft over the Pacific Ocean last week as the American planes monitored a military exercise in the region, The Washington Times has learned.

At one point during the aerial harassment, a MiG-31 interceptor pilot flew his jet within 50 feet of a P-3 maritime patrol and reconnaissance plane.

The incident was similar to a Chinese aerial intercept that resulted in a collision earlier this year.

Screenshot from Wayback Machine Internet Archive

This article appeared online the morning of September 11th 2001 and adds additional context to the events of that day. If it were not for its preservation in an internet archive this information would not be easily accessible to the public.

One alarming sign of the Russian intercept was a radio message sent by one MiG-31 pilot to his base stating his fire-control radar had “locked on” to the U.S. surveillance plane, U.S. intelligence officials said. A radar “lock” is a pilot’s final step before firing a guided missile.

“It was a threatening action,” said one official.

A senior defense official said the P-3 flights were legal and that the intercepts occurred in international airspace. This official said the P-3 pilots reported afterward that the Russian warplanes conducted the intercepts in a “professional” manner, despite the closeness of a pass by one of the MiG-31s.

In all, five MiG-31 Foxhounds took part in intercepting two P-3s on Sept. 4 and 5, officials said.

“One of them did get close, but the [P-3] pilot said he didn’t feel endangered,” the senior defense official said.

The Russian pilot “knew he was getting too close” and eventually broke off the intercept, the senior official said.

According to the officials, the Russian pilot performed an intercept maneuver called a “thump” — the MiG-31 flew close to P-3 then gunned its engine. “The crew got bounced around by jet wash, but that was about it,” said an administration official.

“This was not like Wang Wei,” the defense official said, referring to a Chinese F-8 pilot the Pentagon has called a “hot dog.” The Chinese pilot was killed on April 1 when his fighter collided with a U.S. Navy EP-3E electronic surveillance plane over the South China Sea. The EP-3E is an electronic spying version of the anti-submarine P-3 plane.

The latest incident occurred over the northern Pacific Ocean as the P-3 aircraft monitored a Russian submarine exercise near the Kamchatka Peninsula — home to the major submarine base at Petropavlovsk.

The P-3 normally flies with a crew of 11 military service members.

The P-3s were monitoring an exercise that involved a Russian Oscar II attack submarine and a Delta III ballistic missile submarine, said officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.Russian Delta III ballistic missile submarine
The Russian intercepts of U.S. surveillance aircraft come as U.S. and Chinese military officials are set to meet in Guam later this week.

The meeting will be the first session of a U.S.-Chinese military maritime commission to be held since the F-8 collision with the EP-3E. The two sides are set to discuss ways of avoiding future incidents.

After the April 1 collision with the Chinese interceptor, the U.S. EP-3E was forced to make an emergency landing on Hainan island, in the South China Sea, and its 24 crew members were held captive for 11 days before being released.

Disclosure of the U.S.-Russian incident comes at a delicate time for the Bush administration, which is seeking to coax Moscow into agreeing to U.S. missile defense deployments.

Talks on the issues are set to be held in the next several days.
President Bush spoke by telephone yesterday to Russian President Vladimir Putin. An administration official said the aerial encounter in the north Pacific was not discussed.

The administration has not issued a formal diplomatic protest to the Russians, an administration official said, unlike the response to Chinese aerial intercepts. Diplomatic notes were sent to Beijing to protest dangerous Chinese aerial encounters in the weeks leading up to the April 1 incident.

A spokesman for the U.S. Pacific Command, which is responsible for the P-3 flights, declined to comment.

Meanwhile, Russian strategic air forces began a major exercise in the northern Pacific yesterday. The maneuvers will include practice missile attacks, Russia’s official Itar-Tass news agency reported.

Tu-160 Russian Strategic Nuclear BomberStrategic Tu-160 Blackjack and Tu-95 Bear bombers and Tu-22 and IL-78 tanker aircraft reportedly will take part. The exercises are set to continue until Friday.

In response to the war games, the Air Force announced on Sunday that it is sending additional fighter aircraft “as necessary” to Alaska and northern Canada to monitor the exercises.

“Norad is the eyes and ears of North America, and it is our mission to ensure that our air sovereignty is maintained,” said Air Force Lt. Gen. Ken Pennie, deputy commander in chief of Norad.

“Although it is highly unlikely that Russian aircraft would purposely violate Canadian or American airspace, our mission of vigilance must be sustained,” the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) statement said.

The statement said the additional U.S. jets would remain at two bases in Alaska and one in Canada until the end of the Russian exercises.

The command took similar action in December as part of an operation called “Northern Denial” after Russian long-range bombers were moved to northern bases in a similar deployment.

December 23, 2011

A federal district court in Manhattan entered a historic ruling that reveals new facts about Iran’s support of al Qaeda in the 9/11 attacks. U.S. District Judge George B. Daniels ruled that Iran and Hezbollah materially and directly supported al Qaeda in the September 11, 2001 attacks and are legally responsible for damages to hundreds of family members of 9/11 victims who are plaintiffs in the case.

Learn more:

On 9/11 Russia conducted the largest exercise of their Strategic Nuclear Forces since the Cold War.

Russia diverted NORAD fighters to Alaska and northern Canada on 9/11, where they would be unable to intercept the hijackers. Coincidence or did the Kremlin know about the attacks in advance?

Report by the Nuclear Threat Initiative:

9/14/2001: Russian 37th AIR ARMY EXERCISE CUT SHORT

Agentstvo voyennykh novostey reported on 14 September 2001 that an air exercise of the 37th Air Army was cut short due to the terrorist attacks on the United States on 11 September 2001. The original exercise plans included flights over the Arctic and the Atlantic Ocean and mid-air refueling. Training for mid-air refueling has not been carried out since 1993 due to budget constraints. Flights over the Arctic and the Atlantic were cancelled, however, reportedly at the request of the US State Department.[1] The air exercise involved 2,000 personnel, including 24 crews of Tu-160 [NATO name ‘Blackjack’], Tu-95MS [NATO name ‘Bear-H’], Tu-22M3 [NATO name ‘Backfire’], and Il-78 [NATO name ‘Midas’] aircraft. It also involved 12 crews of Su-27 [NATO name ‘Flanker’] fighters and 15 S-300 surface-to-air systems.

[2] Sources:

[1] NTV, 14 September 2001; in “Russian NTV reports on interrupted aviation exercise in northern Russia,” FBIS Document CEP20010921000092.

[2] Agentstvo voyennykh novostey, 14 September 2001; in “Russian Air Force chief praises strategic air force army exercise,” FBIS Document CEP20010914000136. {Entered 5/6/02 RG}

July 11, 2011 letter praising Senator Ben Nelson for seeking a full investigation into whether Pakistan officials knew of Osama bin Laden’s location and offered him support during his years in hiding and urging the Senator to join Spencer Zimmerman in seeking an investigation into evidence that surfaced in a lawsuit by the families of the 9/11 victims suggesting that Iran had advance knowledge of the attacks and helped train the hijackers and may have shared advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks with Russia.