#1 TERM LIMITS: I support a Term Limits Constitutional Amendment, 2 terms for Senators and 8 years for Congressmen.


Sign The Congressional Term Limits Petition Today!

#2 THE ECONOMY: We need to renegotiate or leave NAFTA, stop TPP and bring jobs back to America. Donald Trump has said he would impose a 35% tariff on cars made in China and Mexico to prevent companies from moving manufacturing out of the US. I’m confident there would have been an opportunity to reopen the Janesville GM plant with such a tariff and would sponsor an act to implement increased tariffs on Chinese and Mexican imports.

#3 SECURE AMERICAS BORDERS: I want to preserve the English language by requiring new American citizens to speak English and provide them the resources necessary to learn our nation’s language. The United States needs to halt illegal immigration and secure our state by building a wall along our southern border and permanently deporting illegal aliens.

#4 JUSTICE FOR 9/11: Justice must be served against all who aided the 9/11 terrorists and for this reason I am calling for a new investigation based on the recently declassified 28 pages documenting specific indications of foreign governments support of the 9/11 hijackers and a U.S. District Court Ruling that Iran directly supported al Qaeda in the 9/11 attacks. This investigation should include Russia which according to a report by the Nuclear Threat Initiative on 9/11 was conducting the largest exercise of their Strategic Nuclear Forces since the Cold War and according to the Washington times diverted NORAD fighters to Alaska and Canada.


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  1. Why do you have that long article on 9/11 taking up space on your website? Please remove and replace with your positions, like #StopTPP, Create Jobs , Secure the borders. I’m about to tweet the link to your site out to thousands but it doesn’t seem to be ready.


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