Construction firm linked to Osama Bin Laden building world’s tallest skyscraper

Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia, under construction since 2013, may soon become the tallest building in the world. If completed in 2019 it will be one-kilometer high, a world record, and the contractor behind the project is Saudi BinLaden Group.  Yes, the same family responsible for the 9/11 attacks is now constructing the closest thing to the Tower of Babel in modern times, initially planned to reach one-mile.

Jeddah Mile-High Tower under construction in Saudi Arabia

The company was founded by Mohammed Bin Laden, father of dead al-Qaeda terrorist organization leader Osama Bin Laden, and the family conglomerate is reported to have a net worth of $7 billion.

But what is truly appalling is that there is real evidence linking the construction firm itself to the terrorist attacks that destroyed the Twin Towers. According to an article published on less than 2 months after the September 11th attacks the firms official domain was registered on Sept. 11, 2000, with a pre-set expiration date of Sept. 11, 2001, a possible signal to the terrorists to carryout the attack. This is no coincidence, from the recently declassified 28 pages we know Saudi Arabia financed the hijackers while in the United States. It’s time to use the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) to file a lawsuit against the Saudi BinLaden Group and put them out of business and make sure their tower is never completed.


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